Different Types of Poker Games That Are Played These Days

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Poker game is one of the most popular game played with cards in most of the casinos around the world. This is played all over the world and there are many different versions of this game based on the local conditions.

In this small write up, we shall take up some of the popular versions of this game and briefly touch upon them.

Also, poker games are played in a number of situs poker online for which the English Meaning is online poker sites. Let us now briefly discuss some of them.

  • Texas Hold’em

This is one of the most famous version of poker game and is very popular in both casino clubs as well as online. In some of the biggest poker tournament games, this version of poker game is played by people. One can very easily learn this game and therefore who are in beginner level can easily learn this game.

  • Omaha High

This is very commonly called Omaha and has a number of similarities with Texas Hold’em and people after mastering this game often switch to this version of the game. For last few years, the popularity of this version of poker game has increased manifold.

  • Omaha Hi/Lo

There is very little difference between Omaha Hi/Lo and Omaha high. It is also known as Omaha/8 for many players of poker games. In this form of game players need to form two hands by using their community cards and hole cards. Both the players will try to guess who has high hand and who has low hand.

  • Seven card Stud

Seven card Stud is another variant of poker game for those who are professional players of poker. Before Texas Hold’em took over the scene of poker game, this game was the top choice of most of the poker players. People still play this game however its popularity is not the same as it used to be. Here you can see how many number of cards your opponent has which is the part of strategy of this game.

  • Razz

This a traditional version of poker game and here the objective of the game is to identify who has the lowest hand instead of highest hand. This makes the game more interesting. Razz is also as popular as any of the other popular versions of poker games. In most of the online casino sites you can find this game. That is the reason there are wider number of people aware of this game.