How to Become a Good Rummy Player?

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Among the many ways of recreation, playing cards have always occupied a prestigious slot. There is a plethora of card games and among them, rummy- the game of skills enjoys a cult status. A fact of life is that whatever you do, you like to excel at it. Likewise, if you are fond of playing rummy card game, you would love to play it dexterously. For one, it would multiply your fun quotient and secondly, it paves your way to winning big!

Let us see what attributes can help you become a par excellence rummy player.

  1. Prioritizing the Pure Sequence

It is said that nothing succeeds like success. In the game of rummy, nothing succeeds without a pure run. It can be considered as the proverbial straw to which a drowning man clutches. As such, it is the first and foremost thing that deserves your attention. Until and unless you have a pure sequence in place, all the other runs and sets that you might have formed or are aiming to form would lead to nothing, and your loss could be enormous in case some other player declares.

  1. Keen Observation

Besides trying to meld your own cards into valid combinations of sequences and sets, it is crucial to obstruct the forward march of your adversaries. You can do this by being hawk-eyed and closely observing the cards picked and discarded by them. Store this information in your memory and make constant calculations in your mind regarding what combinations they might be striving to form. Take care not to aid them by dropping cards that they might need. Apart from this, also try to make out what cards might still be there in the closed pile and what are your prospects of getting the cards you require.

  1. Taking Jokers Seriously

Even a newbie player can form an impure combination with the help of joker cards. However, in order to deftly play the game of rummy, rack your brains and contemplate in what other ways it could be useful to you, especially if it is a wild card joker! If you discard the cards close to the wild card joker, most likely your opponents would not pick them. This is because it is not a recommended strategy to form pure combinations using a joker, as it would be sheer wastage of joker. To exemplify, if 4 is a wild card joker, it would be safe to assume that if you drop5, 6 or 2, 3; other players would rarely pick them to form a pure sequence. So, you can just get rid of them sans botheration.

  1. Being Flexible

Keep modifying your plans according to the cards that are picked and discarded by your rival players. It is no use to keep waiting for a particular card for too long. Likewise, avoid preserving a card for too long. Moreover, it is better to give preference to small cards over high value cards to form combinations as you can exercise more options with them. One pure run is necessary but apart from that, try to ponder over and form different sequences and sets. If you hold high value cards that are in the form of a pure run, it is absolutely fine. Similarly, if you possess two high value cards and some other player drops another one that could complete your sequence/set, just grab it.

  1. Innovation and Learning Spirit

Try to use novel approaches to succeed at the game. ‘Innovation’ is the buzz word in the modern world. The art of doing common things in uncommon ways is helping people relish success. One must have the game rules on fingertips, but deploying innovative ways to accomplish your task can lead you to success, as your opponents might not be able to speculate such moves.

However, also learn from your mistakes and make sure not to repeat them. Life is all about gaining new experiences from whatever you do. Some strategies might prove to be decisive and help you attain victory, while others might not. Take everything in your stride and remember the lessons life offers you in the form of experiences.

  1. Knowing When to Drop

This is a key aspect of adroitly playing the game of deals rummy. Seasoned players don’t undermine the significance of quitting the game. It is good to have an indomitable spirit, but at times, it is necessary to opt out of the game to minimize your loss. If you are pretty sure that your hand is worthless and trying to meld them would not be a good option, it is better to drop.

  1. Practicing Your Way to Glory

Last, but not the least, practice actually makes a man perfect. Land at the free practice tables that are available at most sites and practice the rummy game of skills. There is nothing to lose when you play free rummy games, but you stand to gain a lot. Implement whatever you have in mind and see how it works. And then take these lessons to the cash rummy tables to make it big!

To Conclude

In the contemporary era, knowledge and innovative thinking are essential to succeed. So, employ the tried and tested rummy strategies, but be innovative too. Exercise ingenuity and be not just a good but an excellent deals rummy player!

‘Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.’                                                              -Jim Rohn