League of Legends for beginners

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League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. This means that you play different pots in which two teams compete against each other in one folder with the aim of destroying the other base. There are three paths (lanes) that run towards the base of the enemy and every half minute minions are spawned. These computer-controlled males run across the three lanes from both bases and fight each other in the middle of the folder. You have to ensure that your minions get the upper hand and in this way reach the base of the enemy.

What is your target?

At the beginning of each game you have to choose which champion you want to use. In this piece I explain the main goals of the five positions that these champions occupy. I also mention two champions at each position that are quickly available and easy to learn. Of course, for good results, you need a game booster like ranked elo boosting on Boosteria.

Mid lane (Annie / Akali)

On the mid lane there is one player per team, often a mage (Annie) or Assassin (Akali). As a middle lancer, it is first of all your job to collect as much money as possible. You can earn this money by killing other champions or by hitting them. Last hitting means that you do the last damage to a hostile minion that is almost dead. Remember that you do not have to do all the damage and that you do not continue attending car. This keeps you time to keep an eye on the other mid-laner.

Top lane (Malphite / Yarn)

Top lane looks a lot like mid lane, since you are also here on your own with the aim to collect as much money as possible. This means that you have to try to get as much heat as possible again. Often you choose a tank (Malphite) or a fighter (Yarn) as champion. The top lane is often called an island because you are certainly separated from the rest at the beginning of the game. A lot of action in the beginning of the game takes place on the bottom and middle lane.

Bottom lane (Ashe / Janna)

On the bottom lane you stand with two: one marksman (Ashe) and one support (Janna). The marksman has to hit as much as possible on lane. Of all positions, the marksman is the most dependent on money and therefore you get help from your support. This will not hurt any minion, but is concerned with harassing the opponent. Good support will ensure that the marksman can hit more minions than the opponent.