Sneak Peek into the Future of Online Gaming in India

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Globalisation and digitalization go hand in hand. The Indian regime has been all in favour of a digital India, and so are Indian gamers. While the former has been trying to promote digitalization in the country in diverse ways, the latter is simply lapping up online gaming, one of the fruits of digitalisation – with the help of other elements of a digital India. Yes, it is the revolution in smartphones, inexpensive network connectivity and digital modes of payment that has been paving the way for the astounding success of online gaming in India.

A Prerogative of the Rich

Online gaming has been around in the seventh largest country of the world since 1999, albeit it was restricted to only the affluent. Why? Expensive console devices, absence of smartphones, high data charges, and limited means of cashless payment options, etc.

Changing Scenario

The very same factors that were a stumbling block in the way of digital gaming in India, are now acting as catalysts for the success of technology-oriented modern means of entertainment. Another reason is that Indian denizens have been catching a fancy for the latest and appealing forms of digital entertainment.

Online games have become easily accessible to smartphone users and can be downloaded with just a tap on the screen. This is giving an impetus to the popularity of digital gaming.

Most Indian online gaming enthusiasts are ushered into the world of online gaming by their buddies, family members or peer group. They take it as an excellent way to get rid of stress and boost social interaction.

Global Positioning

Game downloading statistics indicate that in the second quarter of 2016, India occupied a coveted position of number five globally. It showed India had climbed two ranks up from its previous ranking of the same quarter in 2015. It is anticipated that India would pace ahead of two of its competitors, namely Russia and Brazil, in the near future.

The Path Ahead

No two opinions that the online gaming industry in India has been progressing by leaps and bounds, thanks to giants such as Tencent, Nazara, Paytm, and Youzu investing in it. India is currently one of the top five nations for mobile gaming in the world. With the rising demand, the country now boasts more than 250 game development firms, a meteoric rise to 10 times of what it was in 2010. What’s more, at least two gaming startups come up every month.

Right now, the Indian mobile gaming industry is worth over $890 million. It is expected to catapult to $1.1 billion by 2020, with an estimated 628 million gamers.

Some Interesting Facts

  • With rise in per capita incomes of the middle class, denizens are ready to shell out more for recreation.
  • Demand governs supply. The ever-rising appetite of Indian gamers for online games has been attracting investment and partnership from other countries. For instance, Gamepind by Paytm and Hong Kong’s AGTech Holdings, and casual strategy games by Chinese gaming company Youzu, etc.
  • Most mobile games in India garner a pretty low average revenue per user, barring the casino and strategy genre games. To exemplify, Rummy Passion is a gaming startup that offers Indian players the facility of playing the skill-based game of Indian Rummy in a safe, secure and exhilarating international standard gaming ambience. It has been registering an astounding growth of 100% in every quarter.
  • F2P business model – in which games are free and profit flows through advertisements, is quite popular in India.
  • Game downloads more than doubled between 2014 and 2016. A survey brought to light the fact that more than 33% Indian citizenry engages in mobile gaming on a daily basis.
  • 40% males and 35% females enjoy games on their mobiles at least five times a week.

The Conclusion

The smartphone advantage coupled with easy and cheap availability of high-speed internet, frictionless payments, and tech-savvy Indians constantly looking for diverse means of entertainment has been contributing to the burgeoning popularity of online games in India. People have also started earning money online nowadays. Going by the facts that India has the world’s second-largest population of internet as also smartphone users and the fastest developing smartphone market, it can be deduced that India is going to have a spectacular and stable online gaming market in the coming times. Be a part of the Indian gaming ecosystem!