Tennis Practice With no Tennis Court

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What could I often be speaking about when i state you do not need a tennis court to rehearse. Well for those who have a complete length mirror in your own home, you are able to practice much of your strokes without getting to go out.

You would be amazed at how mirror practice will help you understand stroking mechanics and refresh your memory concerning the fundamental of the strokes at occasions if you have couple of possibilities to experience.

For instance:

1) Look at your grip where are the ft, they must be facing the mirror beginning off.

2) Pivot in your right feet (if right handed), turn shoulders and produce the racket to the correct back swing position.

3) Is the feet in a 45 degree position?

4) Look at your back swing, may be the racket only a couple of inches above the amount of your wrist?

5) Make certain you have not over rotated shoulders. Are you able to visit your left shoulder blade?

6) Start your forward stroke. Steer clear of the racket at reason for contact. Are you currently shifting unwanted weight for your forward feet?

7) Look into the face of the racket. Could it be tilted up, which may most probably or lower, which may be closed? Make certain you switch your wrist before the hitting surface is square towards the ball.

8) Continue the follow-through. Your grip from the racket ought to be about despite your left shoulder. Your chest ought to be left of square towards the mirror together with your arm blocking your look at your shoulder. Have you ever carried out with your racket high?

You are able to adapt mirror practice to any or all your strokes, checking eachaspect from the shot from the mirror.