Understand the Basics of Football Betting Rules within 5 Minutes

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Football betting has exploded in popularity, grossing over $500 billion annually. The amount is impressive to entice you into investing stakes in the beautiful game and see them multiply. However, football betting being a nuanced activity, a level of awareness about rules is required to stay in the groove. Join us, as we run you through key betting rules in 5 minutes flat.

Match Betting:

All football betting markets are sensitive to the final outcome of the 90 minutes play. The play time includes stoppage time but excludes minutes consumed in a golden goal or penalty shootout. However, the rule is not absolute with friendly matches being an exception. Herein, the settlement is brought to pass on the actual outcome of the contest with no consideration to the duration of the play. The rule also deviates in beach soccer where all markets rely on 36 minutes play for settlement purposes.

Deferred and Un-played Matches:

The contest has to be played within 48 hours of the first kick off, or else it will be considered as a non-runner for settlements. If the match is played on an earlier date than the one notified, only bets placed prior to the revised kick-off time will stand. The governing authority may declare a contest as ‘No Action’ if it is called off any time before the 90 minutes play completes. However, bets whose outcome is already declared are eligible for settlements.

Late bets:

The sports books may decline your bets if placed after the off time or a pre-specified time, whichever occurs before. If the wager is entertained after the off time, which is a rarity, or at a point in time when the outcomes become evident, the house may negotiate the correct price when the wager is being placed.

Competitors with the same name:

It is not uncommon to have two or more players sharing the same surname. In such cases, the selection needs to be acknowledged as per the player’s first name or the team he represents. Failing which, the sports book will consider the lowest advertised price for settlements.

Venue Change:

Football matches are prone to venue changes and the new venue can be the visiting team’s home ground. In such an event, the bets in the first listing are discarded outright. However, if the new venue is neutral, the bets stay valid. The only requisite being, the original home team retains its designation.

Total Shirt Numbers Bets:

Bookies have a reputation for unique bet types and the “total shirt number” bet is a way to prove it. Herein, you place wagers on the total aggregate of the jersey numbers of players who score goals in the particular event. In case, the goal scorer scores an own goal, he is still eligible for the total shirt number bets.

Man of the Match Bets:

The Man of the Match bet type is one of the biggest draws for punters globally. Here, the bookies take into account the information published by UEFA on its official website for settlement purposes.